xochipilli (a_xolotl) wrote in uofm,

Courses in metro area colleges? Later start dates?

Hey everyone. I'm not a student at the U of M, but I was considering taking classes there to finish up my degree from another in-sate four year university. That is until I learned it's 450$ per credit...not crazy expensive, but crazy expensive enough for me at the moment. My question is, does anyone have suggestions as to schools/community colleges in the twin cities metro area it might be less expensive to take just one or two courses at? Particularly those which offer courses in history or foreign language? I've been looking at Metro State, Normandale doesn't really offer what I need.

Any advice, resources, suggestions you could give me would be *very* appreciated, I'm kind of surprised at the lack of useful and collected information about "colleges in Minnesota" there is out there. Also, which schools in the metro area start later? If possible, I'd like to sign up for a course somewhere this semester, so any advice on schools which have later start dates would be great.

Thanks! Apologies if this diverges from the U of M theme, if anyone can link me to better places I could ask this that would be great as well.

A sidenote: I saw Margaret Cho perform in Northrup auditorium, and it was effing hilarious.
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