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Moving sale!

Hidey ho, good neighbors!

I will be moving cross country at the beginning of August, and I need to unload everything that won't fit in my car for the trip.  I hate craigslist, so I'm reaching out to friends to see if they know anyone in the market for apartment stuff.  I need to be rid of most of my things by 7/15.

Here's what needs to go:
  • (2) short, white bookshelves (36" tall, maybe 24" wide) = $30 for both
  • (1) 6' light-wood bookshelf = $20, brand new
  • (1) coffee table with two big drawers, about 18" x 36" = $15
  • (1) metal-frame futon with cushion = $25
  • (1) 24" x 21" TV (I don't know how to measure the darn things) = $50
  • (1) 10-cup coffee pot = $5
  • (1) 5' lamp with shade = $15
  • (1) large white bedroom dresser, 5 drawers = $50
  • (1) Twin-sized mattress and box spring set with metal frame. (potty-free, it was bought when I was in high school) = $200
  • (several) twin-sized sheets, thread counts 250+, some still in packages
  • (1) brand-new 88-key keyboard and instructional book (I'll have to fish out the details, but I bought it last year and hardly played it) = $100
  • (1) Oster food processor = $20
  • (1) brand-new women's trail bike (Schwinn), ridden <5 miles, needs a new chain? = $200

I also have plenty of other things that I need to get rid of that I can't list separately, so here we go:

-girls M/L Disney t-shirts
-boys M/L Disney t-shirts
-plastic drinking cups (Transformers, Nemo, Fairly Odd Parents, etc)
-books (many genres)
-blankets and quilts for Twin & Full size beds
-other women's clothing, size 8-10

My objective is two-fold: 1) clean out my apartment as soon as possible while 2) raising a little extra cash for the trip, just in case.  I may be willing to negotiate $, and I can provide pictures upon request.  I'd be happy to cart things around to garage sales if anyone knows of one I could piggy-back on.

I really appreciate any word-of-mouth you guys can generate for me.  I'm putting word out in several different places, so it's first-come, first-serve.

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